001 Welcome to a new chapter

AND: What to expect feat. Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, Literati and some 🥖

Hi friends,

“What are you reading?” is my favourite question to ask people. Primarily, because the answers I get are always different, yet most of the time very personal or surprisingly unconventional.

Things are changing and so is the media landscape. There is no longer THE ONE medium to turn to when seeking information, insights or inspiration. Niche content is back (has it ever been gone?), trusted curation is having a heyday and opportunities to shape this development seem endless.

So here you go, this is the evolution of a former online publication as we know it. For those who are new to the game: hey-woman.com used to be a bilingual digital magazine for female millennials and was up and running as a proper editorial project between 2015 and 2018. The core thought will remain the same, this will be a platform for diverse content formats, it shall entertain, inform and enrich you, the audience.

I promise to make the best of your time, go in-depth when needed and keep it short whenever possible. My goal is to let you leave smarter than before clicking on the newest issue and, in the best case, a little more hopeful and light-hearted.

A list of exemplary links will look and read like this:

  • “Aufruhr, Phänomen, Freudentränen”: The portrait about the polarizing writer Hengameh Yaghoobifarah in this week’s SZ Magazin by Mareike Nieberding was long overdue. After KaDeWe magazine integrated the author in one of their photo shoots, I was waiting for a next editorially focussed medium to give her the space she deserves. Images are by Jelka von Langen - what a dream team. (LINK, German only, Paywall)

  • The existence of a proper digital book club has always been a dream of mine, but thought it’s too niche to be put it on a more mass audience radar. Excited to see that Literati, founded by Ex-Google product manager Jessica Ewing, raised a 40 Mio B series in funding this week (LINK)

  • Find your greatness: This old Nike campaign from 2012 touched me and was discovered while reading into a fitness market potential analysis by Enrico Mellis & Sharanya Eswaran/ Project A, that was surprisingly in-depth and accessible to consume - love to be surprised (LINK)

  • Closed my eyes and imgagined to sit in Schaubühne for a second after watching this throwback to 1999: a documentary titled “Engelslohn”, which followed Thomas Ostermeier and Sasha Waltz along in their first year at the theater as artistic directors (LINK, German only) - only until Feb 2nd

  • Morning dances were graciously supported these days by Melissa Wood Health’s (slightly trashy but soo good) playlist titled “Elevate your energy” 🤸🏼‍♀️ (LINK)

  • JOB OFFER: Bakers wanted! Aera as well as Sofi are currently seeking support in their kitchens. Since I have the greatest respect for small businesses in these times and it is such a relief to see that they are in high demand with their products (queues speak for themselves) - check their IG profiles for more infos or if you know someone who might be interested (LINK & LINK)

The new chapter shall put a bigger emphasis on interaction, I want this to be YOUR playground as well. If there is anything noteworthy that you see, please send it my way. Let’s build this community together.

Speak soon 🐝, I am about to get the engines running