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AND: Avni Doshi, Hiper Dino Dramedy & Literaturhaus Frankfurt

Hi friends,

this week has been all about Zoom/Whereby calls that brought people from all over the world into my home office. Sharing thoughts and insights with humans from Mexico City, Japan, New Zealand, the US, the UK and Switzerland will definitely count as one of the few perks these days when moving out of your regional zone is currently not possible.

Even though we came together to discuss a specific topic, the conversations were especially delightful because of the different backgrounds among the participants. This left me thinking how valuable safe spaces in the digital sphere are and how instantly a common ground of shared trust can be established.

Like economist Noreena Hertz states in her recent book:

If we are to come together in a world that’s pulling apart, we will need to reconnect capitalism to the pursuit of the common good and put care, compassion and cooperation at its very heart, with these behaviours extending to people who are different to us. That’s the real challenge: to reconnect not only with those similar to us, but also with the much wider community to which we ultimately belong. Post-Covid-19 this is both more urgent than ever and also more possible.

via “The Lonely Century. Coming Together in a World that’s falling apart”

And here is to more best case examples along the way.

See you next week and send me your ideas 🤸🏼‍♀️



  • Documentary Loved to put everything into perspective when watching free climber Patrick Edlinger navigate around these high rocks, hanging above the ground and shores in the South of France in “La vie au bout des doigts”. Breathe to trick your muscles, train your pelvis regularly and take a “month off to party” - was inspired by a true spirit animal for a few days after (LINK)

  • Article Usually Monarch butterflies leave Canada and the northeastern US in late summer to for a two month trip all the way down to Mexico to hibernate. But lately environmental destruction and violence tend to threaten this extraordinary force of nature. This multi-media feature is a feast for your senses though - sound on! (LINK)

  • News Another woman is about to make history: Nigerian economist Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was nominated to be the next director of the WTO. She is also the co-author of the book “Women and Leadership” and we are crossing all fingers for a successful strike (LINK)

  • Article It’s a start: German government agreed on a first version of a supply chain regulation that aims to prevent exploitation in the global manufacturing industry. It will still need parliamental approval but will then apply to 600 firms, that employ 3000 people, starting in 2023. More infos on this topic can be found at social entrepreneur Lisa Jaspers’ IG account (LINK)

  • Theater Rewriting the rules of innovative screenplay, I have never seen someone easing around mediums so flawlessly like writer Leif Randt. He produced his “Hiper Dino Dramedy” for Volksbühne and took 230 subscribers to Lanzarote on an imaginary trip - what a genius (LINK)

  • Digitalization 1 Art magazine/fair organizer Frieze turns 30 and launches it’s membership format, that let’s you access a like minded community, exclusive performances as well as panels with artists like Kara Walker and Rirkrit Tiravanija (LINK)

  • Digitalization 2 Wanderlust used to bring teachers, experts, musicians and creators together in a very unconventional way during their globally hosted festivals. They are now opening an extended video platform as of tomorrow (LINK)

  • Trailer Can’t wait for the HBO feature “Black art: In the absence of light” to be accessible in Europe, appearance of one of my favorite artists Kerry James Marshall included (LINK)

  • Newsletter The immaculate NY Times Style Magazine features director Thessaly La Force joined Substack!! Her text snippets will be all about beauty, baking & books (LINK)

  • Dance Shake it off: The inspired unemployed performs a very synchronized “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey in front of a blue sky and in matching chinos (LINK)


Avni Doshi is a curator and art critic and has now tapped into fiction writing (well semi-fiction that is, as we learn in this intimate conversation with her good friend Diksha Basu, that they recorded for the US based book store McNally Jackson). Her recent publication “Burnt Sugar” was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2020 and tells the story about a complicated mother-daughter-relationship that takes a new turn after an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis.

Thank you, Teresa for the recommendation. It was a lovely “travel” to India as well.


Work space

  • WANTED Shared office, own desk in Berlin for Sophie Reichert, who is currently finishing her PhD and is building a female health start-up. Contact her here if you have a place or know someone who would


  • Catawiki is looking for a Fashion Expert, based in Germany to screen the market & source items for new auction lots of pre-owned luxury clothing, bags & accessoires. Apply here


  • Thursday, 18th to Saturday, 20th February: Wir sind hier. Festival für kulturelle Diversität. A year after Hanau, Literaturhaus Frankfurt investigates on Germany and its diffculties to establish a welcoming immigrant culture. I will be glued to the screen to listen to Ferda Ataman, Mohamed Amjahid, Seda Başay-Yıldız, Sham Jaff, Idil Baydar, Alice Hasters, Michel Abdollahi, Hadija Haruna-Oelker, Deniz Utlu, Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, Miryam Schellbach, Fatma Aydemir, Max Czollek, Ronya Othmann, Senthuran Varatharajah und Benaissa Lamroubal (LINK, German only)

  • Sunday, 21st to Tuesday, 23rd February: DLD All Stars. This year, the tech conference from Munich is open to everyone. Looking forward to speakers such as Neri Oxman (MIT), Mariya Gabriel (European Commission) and Jimmy Wales (Wikimedia Foundation) (LINK)


She she retreats are open for business again! Make sure to secure your spot when they host the next escapes in Deia, Rügen or Bavaria (LINK).