004 Can this be the future?

AND: Entangled Life, Chloé Zhao and a philosophical analysis on air

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Perseverance landed on Mars and investigates on Microbes for the next decade. While doing so, scientific research embraces the unknown and constantly explores new territories.

TIME magazine announced its list of “The Next 100 most influential people” and I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that this is our near future - featuring brilliant minds like writer Brit Bennet, finnish prime minister Anna Marin, actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan among 97 others.

I already want to thank you people for handing in your job listings, ideas and links. Please don’t stop and keep them coming:


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  • Article: “The Heavy Air” by Anna Boyer examines the dynamics between air and capitalism - or what if breathing had a price tag? For her poetic, yet analytical style of writing she was awarded with the Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction in 2020 (LINK)

  • Cover From indie movies to “Hollywood calling”: Director Chloé Zhao ended up working with actress Frances McDormand on the hybrid movie “Nomadland”, which is a documentary and fiction at the same time. The NY Times’ “Anatomy of a Scene” showcases her approach of working and the New York magazine did a comprehensive feature on her (LINK)

  • Trailer Erich Kästner’s novel “Fabian. Die Geschichte eines Moralisten” from 1931 gets a refresh in form of a movie and the first glimpse is here. Very excited to see the end result of the power trio behind it, including director Dominik Graf, producer Felix von Böhm and actor Albrecht Schuch (LINK)

  • Art Remember being squeezed in a room with hundreds of people? Two years after her Biennale stint in 2017, artist Anne Imhof published a corresponding soundtrack to her epic performances. MMK Frankfurt re-released a recording of the release party (LINK)

  • Article Zoom call reality no. 1: Book shelves are becoming a status symbol (LINK)

  • Article Zoom call reality no. 2: Luxe Waist-Up dressing is becoming a thing (LINK, Paywall)

  • News Model Elsa Hosk shares her home birth story and invites us to change how we think about the body’s ability to go through physical pain (LINK)

  • News Audre Lorde got a Google Doodle this week, it would have been her 87th birthday. This was a welcomed reminder to re-read her works and to watch “The Berlin Years 1984 - 1992” again (LINK)

  • Newsletter Journalist and speaker Tessa Bücker recently launched her weekly column “Zwischenzeit_en” and the public debate on equality/feminism wouldn’t be the same without her sharp thoughts and constructive opinions. See her latest panel discussion on care work during the pandemic at Schaubühne’s Streitraum here and sign up for her newsletter (LINK)

  • Music Friends, that send music, are the best friends. This one was my favorite this week - don’t judge but rather feel free to dance through your living room as well 🕺🏽 (LINK)


Got no brain but are still able to solve complex problems? The english title “Entangled Life - How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures” sums up the magic skills of these microbes a little better. I was left speechless about Merlin Sheldrake’s observations on these forces of nature:

From deep sediments on the sea floor, to the surface of deserts, to frozen valleys in Antarctica, to our guts and orifices, there are few pockets of the globe where fungi can’t be found. Tens to hundreds of species can exist in the leaves and stems of a single plant. These fungi weave themselves through the gaps between plant cells in an intimate brocade and help to defend plants against disease. No plant grown under natural conditions has been found without these fungi; they are as much a part of planthood as leaves or roots. The ability of fungi to prosper in such a variety of habitats depends on their diverse metabolic abilities. Metabolism is the art of chemical transformation. Fungi are metabolic wizards and can explore, scavenge and salvage ingeniously, their abilities rivalled only by bacteria. Using cocktails of potent enzymes and acids, fungi can break down some of the most stubborn substances on the planet

The origin of webs and their connectedness, which served as a main inspiration in the 70ies to observe ecosystem differently, resulted in the invention of the internet (more on this: “The ties that bind” by David Read, Nature magazine, 1997).

During the Engadin Art Talks 2021 Merlin Sheldrake virtually sat down with Hans Ulbricht Obrist, Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries to discuss evolution, diversity, longevity and the artistic powers of nature (LINK).



  • Social Media Editor, full time // Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (LINK)

  • Junior Communications Consultant/Editor (f/m/d) with expertise in Architecture topics // Berlin-based communications agency Bureau N (LINK)

  • Talent Manager, freelance // Important Conversation, UK. Tasks: pro-actively promote talents and support their brand building, take care of productions, communicate with casting agencies. Candidate should be fluent in German & English. Reach out to Anna Su via hello@important-conversation.com

  • Intern, full time // C. Seher PR. Clients: Ray-Ban, aeyde, Lacoste, Nina Kastens, Prada Eye Wear (LINK)


  • Open Call: Driving the Human. Designers, artists, scientists, initiatives, and agents from any other field of expertise are in invited to hand in their proposals until April 9th (LINK)

  • Female Founders Mentorship Program: Stealth Mode by Factory Berlin. Apply until Feb 26th (LINK)


  • No events this week, just ☀️ - leave the house as much as you can, peeps!


  • Always wanted to make daily meditation a habit? Michaela Aue launched “The Art of Being You”, a 4 week virtual self-study course with daily meditations, yoga lessons, guest lectures and a digital safe space to exchange for all participants. Sign up here (LINK) Starts March 1st 🙏🏻