005: Glad you asked

AND: Thingtesting, John Rawls & Are We On Air?

Hi friends,

what was important to you this week?

During my current Ayurveda online course (more on this later), our teacher asked this question to begin the weekly session. It was indeed a special one, at least for me: Went to see (best) friends outdoors after a felt eternity of being apart, prepared a workshop about a topic that I deeply care about and accidentally closed all 47 tabs of my browser.

If the early change of the seasons seems like a reset to you, don’t panic. We are in this together

Yours truly, Julia 🌾

Email me your thoughts, ideas & links


  • Article Feeling like a fraud at work? “The answer to overcoming imposter syndrome is not to fix individuals but to create an environment that fosters a variety of leadership styles and in which diverse racial, ethnic, and gender identities are seen as just as professional as the current model” Thanks to Marguerite Joly for reminding me of this valuable read that got lost during the above mentioned “tab gate” (LINK)

  • News Thingtesting, the launch platform for DTC brands, just raised their seed investment with Forerunner Ventures - quite excited about the concept and curios to see what this will grow into. Founder Jenny Gyllander describes her side project that turned into a main hussle like this: “ (It is) the un-sponsored corner of the internet where we can talk honestly about new things. Our mission is to build a place of discovery, information, and community for curious consumers and brand builders.” (LINK)

  • Podcast Philosopher John Rawls would have turned 100 this year which made me look into old study material. His socioeconomic observations on the “Theory of Justice” were groundbreaking but also criticized by the (female) next generation aka the amazing Martha Nußbaum in “Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, Species Membership”. Deutschlandfunk did a hear-worthy portrait on the senior (LINK, German). More coverage via SZ, ZEIT

  • Video In 1969, Susan Sontag and Agnès Varda both participated in the 7th New York Film Festival, handing in their independent movie productions at the beginning of their careers (“Lion’s Love” and “Duet for Cannibals”). Besides a lot of chain smoking, they discuss their work and defend their opinions in the Camera Three show with Jack Kroll (LINK). You can see movie posters of the festival here

  • News York Kinos in Berlin will finally have an “On Demand” platform anytime soon (LINK)

  • Documentary Finnish architect Alvar Aalto has shaped the unconventional visual landscape of building houses and creating spaces like no other. Arte is still screening this 52 min feature on him - thank you, Deniz Everling for the hint (LINK)

  • Call for Action Up to 60% of global gold resources are used to produce jewelry, followed by finance investments and electronic devices. Implementing a somewhat sustainable recycling process is still a challenge, which is why Guya Merkle, Founder of Vieri Fine Jewellery, initiated the Earthbeat Foundation. In order to make a change, you can easily hand in your old mobile devices, tablets or laptops here. Listen to Guya and her interesting work in this IGTV conversation (LINK)


You don’t have to believe in the new moon being in virgo as of today, which is inviting you to do an inventory on what no longer serves you and to replace the void with new routines that bring unforeseen benefits. To me, it is always a great inspiration to read how others do it, so this publication by Mason Currey might provide surplus value for you, too:

Filled with details of the large and small choices these women made, Daily Rituals: Women at Work is about the day-to-day lives of some of the world’s most extraordinary creative minds who, whether Virginia Woolf, Charlotte Brontë, Nina Simone or Jane Campion, found the time and got to work.



  • Head of Content, Leaders for Climate Action // Tasks: Develop and execute educational content strategy while guiding digital companies towards sustainability, conduct research, initiate community projects (LINK)

  • Freelance Consultant, Mejuri // Task: Support Canadian jewelry startup with German market entry incl. website copy, go to market strategy set up & roll out; time frame three to six months. Send your documents my way jk@hey-woman.com

  • Creative Director, Vinted // The largest online international C2C marketplace in Europe dedicated to second-hand fashion lists 10 (!) open positions in their Marketing & PR department - go get them while it’s hot (LINK)


  • Offer: 1 to 2 desks in Kreuzberg SO36 in a shared studio space for impact start-ups. Conact Hannah Kromminga, Founder of GIFTD via hannah@giftd.app for more infos


  • March 5th// The British Library will host a digital celebration for Rosa Luxemburg’s birthday bash (LINK)

  • March 7th // Deutsches Theater will do another streaming of the demanding production of “Der Zauberberg” by Sebastian Hartmann (LINK)


  • Usually a master behind the turntables or formerly known as the “Head of Music” at LA based hotel Chateau Marmont, our beloved Arman Nafeei recently turned into an audio show host and owner of his own agency for music concepts “Studio Neu”. In “Are We On Air?” he shares his lively, humorous and one of a kind conversations with characters like Wolfgang Tillmans, Róisín Murphy, Jane Birkin and Gia Coppola and lets us be a part of these shared listening sessions, that feel like you would sit directly with them around the dinner table after the meal, before heading out to the next party. Listen to all the episodes here and stay up to date for season two via IG

  • If someone will ever bring the magic of infrared saunas to Berlin, I was always hoping for my former neighbor and founder of boutique gym Becycle Gundi Sorger to make the move. In the meantime, she is opening a next location in Kreuzberg to focus on Pilates reformer session offerings and online retreats like the upcoming one with Nicho Plowman, co-founder of Insight Timer. On March 7th, they will host a masterclass on meditation (LINK)