006 The Act of Giving

AND: Taryn Simon, Seed Cycling & Astra Quarterly

Hi friends,

I missed you last week, the preps for an exam took over and focus was needed.

A dominant thought these days was: We almost made it. Listen to this (LINK) to take a moment and remind yourself that it will only be a few months left until we can hug again (hopefulness is reaching a peak this morning as you can see).

A second thought circled around the heartwarming act of giving lately. Like the photographer Conrad Bauer, who sent out these little retro TVs you can see above. As a little “Forget Me Not” to his clients but also to spark joy in greyer times.

Slightly aligned with a certain trend of “making things”, there were these noteworthy incidents: Teresa Köster, the queen of book recs, sent a self-made candle and a publication she thought I would be interested in. My ayurvedic expert Marta, who brought me a glass of self-made Ghee in the morning at 8.30 AM before dropping her kids at kita/school. The self-made soap Albertine gifted me after I passed on a gluten-free bread by Oshione and some self-made foot peeling on a Sunday, while we briefly met in front of the café Baldon. The pulp crackers my health expert and loved friend Sara gives me to stock up the kitchen pantry. The printed inauguration poem by Amanda Gorman my best friend Pia ordered when I came to visit her in far out West-Berlin. The deck of life improvement cards Inga Liningaan Langkay sent (after I saw it on her IG).

These little presents are the best. I also just love to bring a little something when meeting up with humans I care about. To celebrate that they exist and that we are so lucky to have each other.

What are your little actions of appreciation for someone you can’t wait to hug?

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Have a lovely Sunday,

Julia ☘️


  • Art Long before the discussion on ethical AI became so popular, one of my all-time favorite artists Taryn Simon created a so called “Image Atlas” in 2012 together with the art meets tech platform Rhizome and co-founder of Reddit Aaron Schwartz to investigate on cultural differences and similarities when indexing image search results (LINK, scroll down)

  • Podcast & Article Making sense of how our brains work is a long nerd interest of mine. SWR2 Wissen released a feature on the psychology of forgetting and the NYTimes investigated on “better results of millivolts zipping from one neuron to another in particular patterns” (LINK, in German only; LINK)

  • Interview Not sure how long it will take until the VC industry will become more female and diverse 💆🏼‍♀️. Very much enjoyed listening to Jeannette zu Fürstenberg and Judith Dada from La Famiglia “on the Picasso painting that is a startup” (LINK)

  • Trivia Three years before Steve Jobs started his own company with his friend Steve Wozniak, he filled out a half-hearted application form, listing “electronic, tech” as special abilities and “design engineer digital” as interests. He didn’t bother to give his phone number or proper postal address though. The original document is now for sale until March 24th (LINK)

  • Interview Artist Maryam Keyhani was featured in Salon Magazin, my last and only subscription of a German print magazine. The BTS footage of the conversation with journalist Antje Wewer was such a feast for the eyes (LINK)

  • Bio Hacking Three weeks after quitting coffee and some regular Seed Cycling, PMS disappeared. Yes, you read it right: DISAPPEAR. Felt like magic, wanted to share the trick and can’t recommend the in depth content on Parsley Health enough (LINK)

  • News Nadja Spiegelman, author of “I ‘m Supposed to Protect You from All This” and daughter of The New Yorker art director Francoise Mouly will be the Editor in Chief of “Astra Quarterly”, a literary magazine which will be launched in fall this year. Her mission: “There is an incredible wealth of new literature being written across the world, but to cut through the noise, it must be championed and promoted. (…) The new generation of readers—from New York to Lagos, Paris to Shanghai, Mexico City to Berlin—has more in common than ever before.” (LINK)

  • Replies Remember the sustainable jewelry featured in the last issue? Romina Bungert sent pretty alternatives by Malaika Cotton, made out of brass. And on my little faux on the deleted tabs, she suggested watching an insightful lecture on “Making Time” (LINK, LINK)


“Trick Mirror” by Jia Tolentino seems to be the real life execution of Hannah Horvath’s thoughts aka Lena Dunham in the TV series “Girls”, when she explained to her parents that she is the voice of her generation (re-watch the scene here). The subtitle “Reflections of Self-Delusion” says it all:

The presentation of self in everyday internet still corresponds to Goffman’s playacting metaphor: there are stages, there is an audience. But the internet adds a host of other, nightmarish metaphorical structures: the mirror, the echo, the panopticon. As we move about the internet, our personal data is tracked, recorded, and resold by a series of corporations—a regime of involuntary technological surveillance, which subconsciously decreases our resistance to the practice of voluntary self-surveillance on social media. (…) We can, and probably do, limit our online activity to websites that further reinforce our own sense of identity, each of us reading things written for people just like us. On social media platforms, everything we see corresponds to our conscious choices and algorithmically guided preferences, and all news and culture and interpersonal interaction are filtered through the home base of the profile. The everyday madness perpetuated by the internet is the madness of this architecture, which positions personal identity as the center of the universe. It’s as if we’ve been placed on a lookout that oversees the entire world and given a pair of binoculars that makes everything look like our own reflection.



  • Senior SEO & Content Marketing Manager // Fintech start-up Moss (LINK)

  • Announcements Editor, part-time // e-flux. Tasks: proofreading and copyediting e-flux communications, press releases, and newsletters in accordance with in-house style and formatting guidelines. Ideal applicants will be meticulous, with professional copyediting experience in English; have the ability to keep up with the demands of a rigorous online publication schedule; and be comfortable with the digital environment. Send application to hallie@e-flux.com

  • Assistant for edition & media management, part-time // Texte zur Kunst (LINK)


  • 14th March // Grisebach Contemporary Editions Online Only auction runs until 6pm TODAY, listing some rare pieces like the lemon & light bulb work by Joseph Beuys or easy to hang on your wall treasures by Marlene Dumas, General Idea and Blinky Palermo (LINK)


The Inhale Exhale Club is a new project by Maria Schönhofer. She moved from Paris to Berlin a while ago and adjusted her corporate job in PR so that she could widen her expertise in becoming a teacher for Yoga & Breath work (💕). On this newly launched Instagram Account she takes the signed up participants along and shares regular sessions as well as her very own sparkle. She makes it easy to do and accessible for everyone - you don’t need to be a pro in this field at all to benefit from these pretty lung cleanses. Become a member and sign up HERE.