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hey woman! flea market, All Of The Above & Carbon Removal

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who is your knowledge broker when it comes to education about climate change?

Céline Semaan (left), initiator of the Slow Factory, and Sophia Li (right), journalist with an expertise in environmental and racial justice, launched “All Of The Above”, a talk show about climate change that redefines the broken narrative around the topic. If you do one thing today, I highly recommend watching their first video and check out their website (LINK, LINK).

Second major news: A new issue of the hey woman! flea market went live this AM. The focus of this month’s contribution to the circular economy is on affordable basics, active wear and interior. Check out the carefully selected and pre-loved pieces HERE. Be quick, it works on a “first come, first serve” principle.

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  • Article Learning to say no from a different perspective, brilliantly explained by Madeleine Ryan - found in the archive of Lena Dunham and Jenny Konner’s Lenny Letter - don’t you also wish it would come back? (LINK)

  • News What if you could remove CO2 using woody waste from agriculture and forests? Eco start-up Carbo Culture found a solution that works on an industry-scale and just received a 6.2 Mio Dollar funding ticket - wohoo! (LINK)

  • News Carbon removal funds part two: Apple and partners launch a 200 Mio Dollar heavy Restore Fund (LINK) 🌳

  • News Sally Rooney’s next new book cover is out. And the title “Beautiful World, Where Are You” seems quite refreshing (LINK)

  • News We already mentioned “A Little Life” author Hanya Yanaghiara last week, now she celebrates a comeback to her existence as a book writer: “To Paradise” is coming out on January 11, 2022 (LINK)

  • Interview/Reading Katja Eichinger and her book “Fashion And Other Neuroses” might be the German version of the bible “Women In Clothes” by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton that was published back in 2014. She sat down with Anna Prizkau to share her smart and outstanding views on why we dress the way we do (LINK) - via Friederike Schilbach 🙏🏻

  • Reading Remember the disturbing novel “Eileen” by Ottessa Moshfegh? Re-discovered her visit to the ilb in 2017 and enjoyed her upright and typically moody answers in this audio recording (LINK)

  • Beauty Not a lipstick person yet, but instantly developed an urge to become one after seeing Hermès launching their Rosé beauty line (and my bf Pia sending a selfie with her newest addition from their collection). The PR booklet was created by The Gentlewoman’s creative director, Studio Veronica Ditting (LINK)

  • Podcast Andrew Huberman is a professor for Neuroscience at Stanford university. He invests a lot of his time to make his knowledge easily accessible - yet you might want to re-watch and listen his content to properly “save” it all to your cognitive hard drive. Favorite episode: How Testosterone and Estrogen function, interact and influence your wellbeing (LINK) - Thank you for sharing, Dunja Kara 🙏🏻

  • News US based co-working space for womxn, The Wing, is back. They promise to have done their homework and “to support a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture” from now on (LINK)


JOBS (all f/m/d)

  • Marketing Manager, full-time, Berlin // Impact Hub (LINK)

  • Brand Communications Manager DACH as well as Brand Communications Trainee, full-time, Berlin // Mykita (LINK, LINK)

  • Photo and moving image producer, full-time, Berlin // Peachberlin (LINK) - via Important Conversation

  • Internship Cultural Department, full-time, Bayreuth // Festival Young Artist Bayreuth (LINK) - via Corinna Volke

  • Account- & Project Manager, full-time, Berlin // Studio Hoekstra (LINK)

  • Astronaut (with and without disabilities), full-time, Porz-Wahn // European Space Agency (LINK) - via Edith Loehle


  • Wednesday, April 21st, 17h // Outdoor event “Cloud Theater” by Literaturhaus Berlin. What an amazing idea: While you sit in their backyard garden and look up to the sky and into the clouds, Elisabeth Trissenaar will take you on a mental journey to a bunch of beautiful cirrocumuli (LINK)

  • LAST DAY April 18th - offline and online // Exhibition “Continent - In Search of Europe” at Akademie der Künste. The members of OSTKREUZ – Agentur der Fotografen explore the European present and focus on various aspects of coexistence – as a personal, social and political phenomena (LINK)


We are excited to see you there hey-woman.com 👋🏼