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Maybe Baby, Angkor Wat and love letters by Albert Camus

Hi friends,

I love how the media landscape is shifting lately: Mass media outlets keep tapping into the click bait trap and don’t seem to be ashamed when they hit the “publish” button on some of their shallower pieces. And parallel to this, independent writers invest over hours to go in-depth on topics they care about.

So here is a tangible example: Were you also tempted to click on that NYTimes article that was promising to explain this “Languishing” phenomena to you, even though you had an idea that nothing really new or of substance was about to be presented to you?

Haley Nahman, founder of the newsletter “Maybe Baby”, provided a felt triple amount of surplus value in her latest published essay titled “Cope Culture”, in which she explains the manifoldness of mental health or overall wellbeing (LINK).

So, as a friendly reminder, keep in mind that your (online) attention is some corporate media outlet’s money in the bank 💸

Have a lovely Sunday,

Yours Julia


  • Article The collection of love letters between writer Albert Camus and actress Maria Casarès titled “Correspondence (1944 - 1959)” spans almost over nine hundred exchanges and fills over 1500 pages - the German translation is now available and Stephanie LaCava already wrote a summary in 2018 about their special bond (LINK)

  • Exhibition As of next Saturday, the 17th Architecture Biennale in Venice will take place. I am quite excited for the German curatorial team around Christopher Roth and their exhibition “2038 - The New Serenity” in the pavilion. You can follow them along here or re-watch their press conference. You have the chance to visit until November 21st (LINK)

  • News Using LiDAR and machine learning, archaeologists estimate the population in the Greater region of the Ancient City of Angkor Wat may have hit 900,000 - far bigger than estimated for a long time (LINK)

  • Video Merging history, statistics and art: Stefan Sagmeister’s latest work “Beautiful Numbers” is a great example how he approaches unconventional storytelling (LINK)

  • Award The three sisters behind Haim won “Best International Band” at the Brit Awards and looked stunning in head to toe “The Row” (LINK)

  • News Gabriela Hearst has taken over the helm as designer in charge at Chloè after Natacha Ramsay-Levi has been in this position since 2017. The refreshed CI is brought to life by no other than photographer Zoë Ghertner (LINK)

  • Article “What Comes After Sustainability?” Writer Emily Farra features the founder duo of Dôen that share their realistic resolutions for 2021 (LINK)

  • Launch Alia Raza is usually the woman behind the perfume label Régime des Fleurs but now scored a second gig as Creative Director for the organic skin care label “Topi” - her aesthetics get me everytime❣️ (LINK)

  • Podcast In order to reframe our understanding of tenderness and intimacy, Şeyda Kurt shares her unconventional but eye opening views that go beyond the capitalized, heterosexual couple set up in a conversation with “Sinneswandel” (LINK, German only) - Thank you, Teresa 🙏🏻

  • Documentaries For the second year, Munich based documentary film festival DOK.fest celebrates 130 of the best international productions from May 5th to 23rd. Next Sunday, they will award 13 winners in different categories. Crossing fingers for my old pal Christian von Brockhausen and his project “Soldaten” which you can watch here (LINK)


Jobs (f/m/d)

  • Managing Director, full-time, Berlin // Schinkel Pavillon (LINK)

  • Traineeship, full-time, Munich // Louis Vuitton Espace, Duration: 12 months (LINK) - Thank you, Corinna for the recommendation 🙏🏻


There were so many great new books to choose from this week, but Olivia Laing was just too convincing. Her way of explaining theories of sociology in a personal, yet factual way is quite unique as is her talent to observe and to put her thoughts into words. In “Everybody. A book about freedom” she explores what it means to have a body (have you ever wondered?) and how it makes the individual relate to society.

In the summer of 1998, I (…) filled out an application for a degree in herbal medicine. By the time I started seeing Anna, I was in my second year of training. Though I didn’t know it at the time, the type of therapy she practised had been invented in the 1920s by Wilhelm Reich, one of the strangest and most prescient thinkers of the twentieth century, a man who dedicated his life to understanding the vexed relationship between bodies and freedom. (…) As a young analyst in Vienna in the wake of the First World War, he began to suspect his patients were carrying their past experiences around in their bodies, storing their emotional pain as a kind of tension he compared to armour.

To bridge the time until you get a copy of the book, you might enjoy this conversation with Vox senior reporter Anna North, where they discuss the different ways our bodies are persecuted, imprisoned, and liberated (LINK) and you can be invited to a tour around her house (including a poetry library in the backyard!) over at Nowness (LINK).


  • Monday, May 17th, 7pm Berlin time // Digital Issue Launch “Joy As Resistance” by Riposte Magazine. Writer Tahmina Begum, Tarot expert Claire Yurika and photographer Meryem Slimani present their amazing work (LINK)

  • Wednesday, May 19th, 7pm CEST // Discussion Sheila Heiti is currently a guest professor for literature studies at the University of Leipzig which is why she will speak about "Mermaids, Stories and Sex" with Teresa Bücker (LINK)

  • (German only) Wednesday, May 26th, 9am to 12 am CEST // Online Workshop Third Wave is a collective of internet experts who have a strong expertise in identifying future scenarios around tech and trends in general. They are now hosting an amazing workshop titled “Futures Thinking in Organisationen erfolgreich einsetzen” (German only). Price point: 199 Euros. (LINK) - Thank you, Marguerite for sending this along 🙏🏻

  • Thursday, July 8th to Sunday, July 11th // Getaway she she retreats are hosting a next long weekend to recharge your batteries on the island of Rügen, Germany. Included in the “Earthly Delights” escape program are intuitive movement, yoga and meditation sessions, creative workshops and nourishments by a body positivity chef (LINK)


Watch out, prospective writers and creators of your own publication: “The Wonderful World of Book Publishing” by Subway Book Review is waiting for you. The lovely brain behind it, founder Uli Beutter Cohen, created a 5-part online course on how to publish your own book, taking place from May 17th to 21st. Sign up to her newsletter to receive a special discount (LINK to course, LINK to newsletter) and don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity 🎀.