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Jhumpa Lahiri, The Legacy Landscapes Fund and La Bouche Rouge

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here is to the crazy ones, the misfits... - do you remember?

Apple’s epic campaign from 1997 has contributed largely to the development of brands putting a focus on their values - or approaching their marketing activities in a more unconventional way. I could watch the trailer (LINK) over and over again and research the mentioned protagonists and their achievements.

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  • Article And you thought your blood pressure was high? Imagine being a heart in a giraffe’s body and your task is to pump up energy through a 6 meter long neck. An entertaining read on evolution in The Atlantic (LINK)

  • News Ovid’s Metamorphoses that highlight “transformation, loss of agency, and reclamation of power in one of the most influential works of Western culture” will be re-translated by writer Jhumpa Lahiri. She has just released her new book “Whereabouts” that I discovered on a book hunt at Shakespeare & Sons in far out Friedrichshain (LINK)

  • Trailer American teenagers growing up on an army base in Italy - Director Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name) picks quite a special set-up for his HBO series “We Are Who We Are”, that features Chloë Sevigny in a main role (LINK) - Thank you for sending this, friend who will remain anonymous 🙏🏻

  • Art Millennial approved market demand: The newly launched webshop Platform is run by the younger generation of the David Zwirner gallery aka son Lucas and daughter Marlene and features 100 art pieces from independent smaller galleries (LINK, LINK)

  • News The Legacy Landscapes Fund aims to secure a 1 bn US$ until October this year. On a mission to conserve biological diversity in the Global South, the project which is run by several initiatives such as the UNESCO Heritage Centre and the WWF. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) kicked off their participation with a 82.5 mio Euro this week (LINK)

  • Video Engaging storytelling to motivate climate action - few can do it better than my favorite ambassador for this topic, film maker Alice Aedy. She was interviewed during NYTimes Climate Hub as of minute 01:07:30 (LINK)

  • Conversation If you missed the digital Zoom highlight of Sheila Heti speaking to Teresa Bücker about “Mermaids, Stories and Sex”, this is a friendly reminder to check out the recording (LINK)

  • Newsletter Former senior photo editor at Manrepeller, Edith Young, is about to launch her own visual diary called “Powers of Observation”, inspired by Richard Scarry’s “Busy, Busy City” (LINK)

  • Instagram Fashion called, it wants its inspiration back. Thank the lord for Louisa Goltz, who recently set up another “Uno Due Tre” Account and this one is about all of the above 🎀 (LINK)

  • Beauty Parisian elegance and french craftsmanship, refillable design and a self service magazine aesthetic are just some of the killer assets of the new Make-Up brand La Bouche Rouge (LINK) - Thank you, Sharon Berkal for the nudge


JOBS (f/m/d)

  • CEO & Co-Founder, full-time, Berlin at Cabin One // Tasks: Help to develop and roll out the new business around 150+ so called Cabin Resorts that define a new way of traveling or as they say: Work Live Vacation Experience Venture (LINK for infos, contact Simon Becker via email)

  • Junior Buyer/ Buyer, full-time, Hamburg at Niche Beauty (LINK)

  • Junior Expert Gender & Politics, Consultant Diversity & Equality, full-time, Berlin at EAF Berlin. Diversity in Leadership (LINK)


  • Berlin-based writer Timo Feldhaus is looking for a room of his own/ free desk. In his FB post, he shared this archival short documentary about Roald Dahl and his little hut - it is amazing! (LINK)


So predictable but there is just no way around her: Deborah Levy’s “Real Estate” is the next page turner followed by Rachel Cusk’s “Second Place” (NL 013) and the third book of her “living autobiographies” after “Things I Don’t Want To Know" (2014) and "The Cost Of Living” (2017).

In the winter of January 2018, I bought a small banana tree from a flower stall outside Shoreditch High Street station. It seduced me with its shivering, wide green leaves, also with the new leaves that were furled up, waiting to stretch out into the world. The woman who sold it to me had long fake eyelashes, blue-black and luscious. In my mind’s eye her lashes stretched all the way from the bagel shops and grey cobblestones of East London to the deserts and mountains of New Mexico. The delicate winter blooms at her stall had me thinking about the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and the way she painted flowers. It was as if she were introducing each one of them to us for the first time. In O’Keeffe’s hands they became peculiar, sexual, uncanny. Sometimes her flowers looked as if they had stopped breathing under the scrutiny of her gaze.

Read an interview with the grande dame of literature here.


  • Wednesday, May 26th, 1PM // Theater The cast of Deutsches Theater is already rehearsing on their front court, the ticket sale for their Open Air season in June will go live this week (LINK)

  • Saturday, May 29th, 7AM (!) // Performance Museum MMK für Moderne Kunst. Ten years after the beer box pyramid in Berliner KW, Cyprien Gaillard and curator Susanne Pfeffer go for a new immersive (outdoor) adventure: Frankfurter Schacht explores the shifting border between the financial and red light district (LINK)


As one of Germany’s first digital writers and content creators back in 2007 (that’s where we met), she is now sharing her smart brain universe:

Dr. Mahret Ifeoma Kupka is a curator and freelance writer. In her exhibitions, lectures, publications, and interdisciplinary projects, she addresses the issues of racism, memory culture, representation, and the decolonization of art and cultural practices in Europe and on the African continent. In this newsletter she informs about latest publications, projects and current interests.“ SIGN UP HERE