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Jacques Derrida, FT Culture Call and a Berlin Soundwalk

Hi friends,

slowly tapping back into the non-summer-break publishing mode - may you perceive these curated links below as a little break from the news these days that feel like an infinite loop of a nightmare.

The image above has been taken during a rare day full of meetings with friends and adored business contacts at recently opened Café Frieda. Hoping that we will be able to exchange in person a few times more in the upcoming weeks.

Yours, Julia 🤞🏼


  • Article What Jacques Derrida understood about friendship - such a great read from the archives aka 2019 (LINK)

  • Podcast FT Culture Call is back! With a new name (FT Weekend), in a new format, one remaining and amazing host Lilah Raptopoulos and more in a more frequent mode: “We explore today's culture, big ideas, nuanced questions and what it means to live a good life” (LINK)

  • Trailer Kristen Stewart plays Lady Diana in Spencer - this is a first look (LINK)

  • Bio Hacking Have you ever considered to live track your glucose levels in order to keep a steady hormonal balance minus the insulin sparks? Was looking into NutriSense the other day and have a feeling, that there is more to come (LINK)

  • Exhibition Die Neue Nationalgalerie has reopened after five years of renovation and I had all the feels when visiting again. Highlights: The piece “In A Perpetual Now” by Rosa Barba and a corner in their main collection downstairs, that invited to interact, read and draw in order to change perspectives. Also loved the ARD documentation of the re-building process (LINK)

  • Quiz Elections in Germany are coming up on Sept 26th and if you need some help with your decision, the team of Wahltraut got you covered (LINK)

  • Article Vanessa Friedman`s recent feature in the NYTimes “‘Made in Afghanistan’ Once Symbolized Hope. Now It’s Fear” covers Wana Limar’s jewelry brand Sevar and Jeanne de Kroon’s Zazi Vintage (LINK)

  • Music While standing on a landing field the other day, the wind was waving through my hair, this random song came up and made me feel like being 23 again (LINK)


JOBS (f/m/d) - Berlin or remote if not stated otherwise

  • Head of External and Internal Communications & PR, full-time //Bridgemaker, the company builder. Own all comms activities, ideally with an approx. 6 years of expertise. Support the team around founder Henrike Luszick and contact Helmut Kranzmaier via Email if this one is for you

  • New Product Development Manager, full-time OR Influencer Marketing Manager, full-time // Vly Foods, the plant based milk made out of peas (LINK)

  • Partnerships Manager, full-time // Frieze Art Fairs. Tasks: identifying, securing and executing sponsorships for Frieze’s clients on a global scale (LINK)


The pressure to write this novel must haven been real: Sally Rooney is 'the literary phenomenon of the decade' says The Guardian. The author speaks about the process of writing her third, much anticipated novel “Beautiful World, Where Are You” in the New York Times here. (Direct LINK to the book in English, LINK to the German translation - out Sept 9th)


We can’t conserve anything, and especially not social relations, without altering their nature, arresting some part of their interaction with time in an unnatural way. Just look at what conservatives make of the environment: their idea of conservation is to extract, pillage and destroy, ‘because that’s what we’ve always done’ – but because of that very fact, it’s no longer the same earth we do it to. I suppose you think this is all extremely rudimentary and maybe even that I’m un-dialectical. But these are just the abstract thoughts I had, which I needed to write down, and of which you find yourself the (willing or unwilling) recipient.


  • August 27th to September 30iest // Soundwalk Berlin. An explorational tour for your ears: Scan the QR codes and listen to the sound spot’s specific tunes (LINK)

  • September 8th to 18th // ilb 2021 is coming! Feat. Leila Slimani (opening speech), Priya Basil, Roxanne Gay, Ottessa Moshfegh, Etgar Keret and many more (LINK)

  • September 11th, 5pm // Sasha Marianna Salzmann reads from her new novel “Im Menschen muss alles herrlich sein” at LCB (LINK)


Georgia reached out to me and introduced me to her card game. Her project Kindred People is a self-growth concept brand dedicated to helping people understand themselves better and build deeper relationships. Dare to Be Curious is a game for those who seek deep conversation, self-reflection, and human connection. It's all about going deeper with your loved ones, friends or even strangers. You'll unpack thought provoking questions across three levels of the game, and learn new things about yourself along the way. (LINK)