020 Are We On Air?

Refuge Worldwide, Siri Hustvedt and Rohé Amsterdam

Hi friends,

unplanned encounters are back: We found ourselves dancing on Unter den Linden on a Friday night while tourists, families and young people from around the world would move their little toes to some good music in unity. Music is unmistakably the language that everybody understands, if we would have needed another proof to attest that at all.

More on the project in the links below - plus some colorfully curated job board as well as a handful of other recommendations.

Have a great Sunday 🥁



  • Essay “There are events that fix themselves in memory because even as they are happening, the person living through them knows she has been rocked by a moment that later will be called “history”.” Siri Hustvedt writes about the political and psychological consequences after 9/11 in FT (Paywall, LINK)

  • Documentation Your digital footprint becomes your Doppelgänger: Don’t be too scared while watching this experimential film project titled "Made To Measure”, supported by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes. They recreate a second version of your persona based on your browsing behavior (LINK)

  • News Klaus Biesenbach was appointed the new director the Neue Nationalgalerie (LINK). Hamburger Hauptbahnhof will be lead by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath (LINK) as of January 2022. Still hoping for a more diverse offering when they start to create their programs 🙏🏻.

  • Livestream The above mentioned Are We On Air project is a pop-up kiosk created by the brain behind the namesake podcast, Arman Naféei, that hosts DJs who play their sets. You can catch it from your screen as well until Sept 19th - usually in the evenings (LINK)

  • Music Deniz Everling & Michelle Oldenburg are hosting a monthly show called “Ordinary Wednesday” on Refuge Worldwide, a fundraising platform working in solidarity with grassroots and non-profit organizations across Berlin (LINK)

  • Artist Navot Miller does not only produce color-bomb-like paintings, he is also a wizard at cutting short little video gems. Linking to one of them directly here but feel free to discover more on his IG Account (LINK)

  • Movies Black Film Archives is a living register of Black films, made between 1915 to 1979 (LINK)

  • Fashion If cardigans are just the extension of a whole aesthetic world of two creatives in Amsterdam, I would as well buy into that look and feel - and the ethics of responsibility and craftsmanship. Wow, Rohé Amsterdam, where have you been all these years? (LINK)

  • Newsletter ‘She’ll be right’ is Australian for ‘everything will be okay’. Gyan Yankovich is a freelance (former Manrepeller) writer and shares thoughts, bits an pieces in her irregular columns (LINK)


JOBS (f/m/d) - Berlin or remote if not stated otherwise

  • Mediengestalterin für Bild und Ton, full-time // Kulturstiftung der Länder. Das Projekt KULTUR.GEMEINSCHAFTEN: Kompetenzen, Köpfe, Kooperationen hat das Ziel, durch die Förderung von Kompetenzen, Kooperationen und Ressourcen-Sharing insbesondere kleinere Kultureinrichtungen und Projektträger im Bereich Kultur bei der Umsetzung von Prozessen der digitalen Transformation zu unterstützen (LINK)

  • Brand Manager & Social Media Manager as well as Video/Print Production and Art Sourcing, full-time // numa stays, serviced short-term apartments. See all open 58 positions here (LINK)

  • Geschäftsführerin, full-time // Neue deutsche Medienmacher, die größte bundesweite NGO von Journalist*innen mit und ohne Einwanderungsgeschichte, die sich für mehr Vielfalt in den Medien engagieren. Zum Netzwerk der NdM zählen rund 2.000 Medienschaffende aus ganz Deutschland, sie sich für diskriminierungskritische Berichterstattung und divers besetzte Redaktionen einsetzen (LINK)

  • Founding Marketer, full-time, Palo Alto, CA // You.com, the new safe web search engine, built by a team around the legendary Richard Socher (LINK)


  • Sunday, Sept 12th to Saturday, Sept 18th // Panels My former colleague Annika von Taube, founder of Good To Talk, curated a series of conversations at Wilhelm Hallen. “WILD VISIONS” aims to find answers to the question how we reimagine a living future in art?” (LINK)

  • Wednesday, Sept 15h to Sunday, Sept 19th, 9am to 10pm // Art program BAW Garden is an outdoor event series in front of KINDL in Neukölln by artist Sol Calero (LINK)

  • Tuesday, Sept 14th, 8pm // Reading Maggie Nelson “On Freedom” in conversation with Amelia Abraham. Her abiding interest lies in ongoing "practices of freedom" by which we negotiate our interrelation with-indeed, our inseparability from-others, with all the care and constraint that relation entails, while accepting difference and conflict as integral to our communion (LINK)

  • Friday, Sept 17th, 4.30-5.30pm // Lecture Fred North, who works at the Berlin base of the UBER agency Koto (Airbnb etc) and he will speak about Decentralized Branding at Forward Festival for free (LINK)


From strong portraits to bizarre tenderness, Neda Rajabi invites you to visually enter a new era of confident femininity, exploring fierceness within fragility. She shows an eclectic spectrum from the unseen. The newly created set of prints titled Gimme Zodiacs transfer exactly that described approach (LINK)