026 Shrinking as Innovation

LIÈ Studios, Margot Friedländer & Another June Vintage

Hi friends,

thinking a lot about the US this weekend and how watching sunsets in New York back then (2014) was still possible without travel restrictions. While spending time in front of a late night live stream to substitute attendance in person last night, there was time to put together a new issue of curated digital goodies for you.

Hug your friends close, if you can.

Julia 🎎


  • Article The supply chain, as you know, is having a bad time. The Atlantic published this inspiring piece on how to re-evaluate on one’s purchasing patterns (LINK)

  • Photo Documentation Between 2014 and 2020, Frank Herfort visited more than 770 metro stations built in the soviet era in 19 cities, creating a remarkable archive of architectural and artistic splendor (LINK)

  • Celebration “I speak for those who can’t speak” Margot Friedländer survived the Holocaust and turned 100 this week. Her unbroken motivation to communicate publicly, exchange with younger generations and educate those who needed to hear it, is unique and valuable beyond words (Audio Feature DLF, Article Zeit; unfortunately both in German)

  • Fashion Copenhagen based model twins Amalie & Cecile Moosgaard persistently remain my style icons and I am super excited for their own jewelry collection to launch on November 17th. They do, however, offer an exclusive two-day pre-order, starting today. Check out LIÉ STUDIO (LINK)

  • Interieur Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz open the doors to their mansion in La Jolla, California for AD magazine. Clean lines, warm colors and round shapes merge perfectly in their concept that builds on a collection of pieces from cultures all over the world (LINK)

  • Petition Can you believe that those skaters who made the outdoor area of Neue Nationalgalerie a vivid public space are no longer allowed to hang out there? Writer Laura Helena Wurth shares some more details on the case (LINK, German)

  • Startups Met up with two branding experts that work in food ventures that currently develop innovations around fermentation. If you like plant-based milk, check out vly Foods (LINK). If you are fascinated by fungi and meat alternatives, check out Mushlabs (LINK) - needless to say my heart jumped in squares when geeking about their missions & products 💚


The delivery time for “On All Fronts” by Clarissa Ward was approx. 2 months, it made the waiting and anticipating a throwback to the past. (LINK)

The author is a world-renowned conflict reporter who had assignments in Syria, Egypt, and Afghanistan and has been based in Baghdad, Beirut, Beijing, and Moscow. She has seen and documented the violent remaking of the world at close range. With her deep empathy, Ward finds a way to tell the hardest stories. On All Fronts is the riveting account of Ward’s singular career and of journalism in this age of extremism.

Investigative journalism is always both humbling and thrilling. It requires deep concentration and reservoirs of patience seemingly at odds with the frenetic pace of news. A dead end was as likely as any breakthrough. I was acutely aware of how woefully ignorant I was of the ways in which technology could help us uncover truths and hold people accountable. And yet never had I been more excited for the opportunities these tools presented.


  • Wednesday, November 10th, 15-17h // Workshop Berlin-based agency Novamondo is hosting a session on sustainable communications that goes in-depth on the specialty on science as an industry, visualization models for complex topics and storytelling hacks (LINK, German only) Thank you, Marguerite, for sending this 🙏🏻

  • Thursday, November, 18th, 20h // Reading Enis Maci published her second novel “Wunder” in a new book series of publishing house Suhrkamp that features texts that were written for the theater stage but also work well as a novel. At Volksbühne the audience gets a first taste on this format in real life (LINK)


A few years ago, Ari told me about her dreams to have her own physical store to curate pieces she loved. In the meantime she renovated her own little refuge House June in nature together with her partner, who is a stylist. They are now finally opening their own pop-up for their project Another June and showcase carefully selected vintage furniture, ceramics by Moïo Studio, scented candles by Slow Disco, art by Bings, arched mirrors by Art-æ-fakt and table accessories by Dea Kaker Strucl. Make sure to find your way to Moritzplatz or check out their website (LINK).

💌. THE END 💌