027 The Late Edition

Chloë Sevigny, Talking To Strangers & ODE - The Natural Aperitif

Hi friends,

lately I am craving weekends away from my desk, so here is a “the day after Sunday” new episode of personally curated links and highlights for you.

Couldn’t believe my eyes this morning when I discovered Chloë Sevigny starring in a short movie directed by Fabien Baron for - gulp - Zara Home. But well, the creative outpour you find inside the little trailer is mind blowing and C. can do whatever she feels like doing. Treat yourself to the master piece here.

Have a lovely start into the week everyone 🐝



  • Article Is talking to strangers on the Internet making us crazy? Author of “Where Good Ideas Come From”, Steven Johnson, published this insightful view on “sidewalk-style stranger interactions, the ever-larger pool of people and experiences that we now have access to thanks to the Web and social media” (LINK) - Thank you, Marguerite for sharing 💕

  • Retail Ex-Colette, now Co-Founder of Just An Idea, Sarah Andelman is currently curating a pop-up shop for the Paris based organic make-up brand La Bouche Rouge (LINK)

  • Business 12,9 % of business angels in Germany are female, Gründerszene reported last week (LINK). In order to start the change, Verena Pausder will share her expertise in a LinkedIn Live session on Thursday, 18th at 5pm (LINK)

  • Panel Discussion During NYTimes’ Climate Hub conference in Glasgow fashion designer Stella McCartney spoke about “Circularity, Scale and Style: When Will We Reach Critical Mass?” (LINK)

  • Trailer Actor Nicholas Ofczarek is appearing in two mention worthy streaming productions: “Der Pass 2” as of January 2022 (LINK) and currently in “Die Ibiza Affäre” (LINK) on Sky - Thank you Lena for sending this, No. 1 🙏🏻

  • Documentary How does our generation love? From romantic, to friendship to motherly love, all facetes have been portrayed in this Arte production by Chloé Bruhat & Sascha Quade (LINK) Thank you Lena for sending this, No. 2

  • App Not less but better helps you to establish healthier habits when it comes to phone usage (LINK)

  • Crafting Hamburg-based ceramics experts We Are Studio Studio released their unfortunately almost sold out new collection called “Tender Treasure Boxes” - such a feast for the eyes (LINK)

  • Instagram Another feast for the eyes was (or rather is) the online sale by artist Maryam Keyhani. She painted a felt 100 of her famous lady personas, all 18x24 cm in size and a 200 Euro each. Be quick if you want to secure yours (LINK)

  • Architecture You can spot a real John Pawson in Berlin-Dahlem now: Galerie Bastian consigned the master of minimalism for their newest location (LINK)

  • Furniture Have you heard of MONOBLOC? Approx 1 bn pieces of this iconic and polarizing item is making history as we speak. There will be a movie screening in cinemas and a book coming out in January 2022 (LINK Trailer, LINK book) - Thank you Claudia for sending this, No. 1 🙏🏻

  • Music Nils Frahm released new music together with his producer F.S. Blumm (LINK) - Thank you Claudia for sending this, No. 2


JOBS (all f/m/d and in Berlin or remote if not stated otherwise)

  • Leitung Presse/Kommunikation/Marketing (m/w/d), full-time // KW Institute for Contemporary Art KUNST-WERKE BERLIN e. V. (LINK) Hand in your application until Dec 5th

  • Project Officer, 80%, Jan - Dec 2022 // Centre For Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP) Tasks: Supporting implementation of events, develop a podcast series (!), responsible for the everyday communication incl. social media, calendar management, budget overview, accounting, and financial reporting (LINK) Hand in your application until Nov 24th

  • Impact Measurement & Management Specialist, 4 days/week // Impact Hub. Tasks: Design impact measurement frameworks for selected entrepreneur support programs, develop data collection tools, drive monitoring, and prepare insights and reports for the team and a variety of partners from the private and public sector (LINK)


  • To lease: Beautifully renovated, 45 m2 apartment, right next to the Arminius market hall in Moabit-Berlin. Contact Sara Busard via email (More infos: LINK)

  • To sell: Magis Chair One by Konstantin Grcic in yellow, contact Deniz Everling via DM, pick up in Berlin (LINK)


QUICK PREVIEW - Sheila Heti is publishing a new book on February 15th 2022! I also love this little back story: “She found the Ellsworth Kelly painting that graces the cover after seeing it hanging on the wall at a friend's house (the artist and writer Leanne Shapton). She saved a photo of the painting, eventually passing it along to Kim, whose initial cover concept was a simple black outline of a circle.” (via)

And this is what we can expect:

What if this world is just a first draft, made by some great artist in order to be destroyed?

In this first draft of existence, a woman named Mira leaves home to study. There, she meets Annie, whose tremendous power opens Mira's chest like a portal - to what, she doesn't know. When Mira is older, her beloved father dies, and she enters that strange and dizzying dimension that great loss opens up.

This is a book about the shape of a life, from beginning to end. It's about art, critics, and ageing. It's about the surrounding world - sky, trees, lakes, stars - and 'the world beyond this world', which can be glimpsed in rare moments when something shattering occurs.

Pure Colour is a galaxy of a novel: explosive, celestially bright, huge, and streaked with beauty. It's a contemporary bible, an atlas of feeling, and its shape-shifting, mystical form allows us to take in the whole world in one glance. (via)


  • Nov 17th to Nov 21st // Art Cologne features Queer Budapest, an exhibition with works by emerging and established artists from the queer Hungarian diaspora to support them in their mission to resist erasure (LINK)

  • Nov 16th to 21st // The fifth edition of the MISA Art Market, run by the amazing Lena Winter, is hosting their Cologne hub during this week as well (LINK)

  • Nov 14th to Dec 20th // Month of European Film Festival // A month full of screenings of European films in Berlin, the city of this year’s European Film Awards. The screenings will take place all over the 14 Yorck cinemas in Berlin, from the latest releases to European horror and genre films and a special strand of LGBTQ films dedicated to films from Europe (LINK, Trailer)


Excited by the design appeal of non-alcoholic, but US market only, brand Ghia, I was happy to discover ODE - The Natural Aperitif. It was founded by two graphic designers to bring a world of raw flavours into one sophisticated aperitif. The “Bright Lemon” consists of seven different types of lemons (!) and other fruits that are enhanced by eleven essences that develop a new and quite complex experience for your taste buds. For now, this is a limited edition of 500 bottles that work on a first-come, first-serve approach. (LINK)