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Eat Cravers, Happy Immo Club & the R/GA Index

Hi friends,

for most of her active times as a poet & artist, Etel Adnan was fascinated by a mountain that was in front of her window in the outskirts of San Francisco. In numerous interviews she described her relationship to Mount Tamalpais and how her observations of seasons and times changing helped her understand life.

“Sometimes its power to melt in mist reveals the infinite possibilities for matter to change its appearance.” She speaks about her approach and upbringing in Lebanon in this mentionable video interview (LINK).

So with this thought in mind, enjoy this week’s reads and hot picks


Julia 🏔


  • Article “The rent, $75 a month, covered maid service plus membership in the Roerich Society, whose benefits included access to activities.” I enjoyed reading all anecdotes and portraits of current inhabitants around the 1923 NY Art Deco skyscraper of Russian immigrant Nicholas Roehrich and his charismatic wife Helena, who conducted teachings and started a movement called “Roerichism” (LINK)

  • Trivia Have you ever wondered about the colors of legendary rebounder Dennis Rodman’s hair dye, and how they’d look arranged chronologically over the course of his NBA career? Photo editor Edith Young decoded his strategy (LINK)

  • Article What Should We Do With Robert Smithson and Nancy Holt’s Island? While I was reading this NYTimes article, Sprüth Magers Gallery in Berlin announced a solo show with works of Nancy as of Nov 25th. How to not love a deep dive into Land Art while being indoors? (LINK Article, LINK exhibition)

  • Conference You can watch all Falling Walls Science Breakthroughs of the Year 2021 in their live stream, including a rare appearance and lecture by BionTech mastermind Özlem Türeci as of minute 22 ❤️ who was celebrated with an extra long applause when she entered the stage (LINK)

  • Wellbeing This soundbath meditation by Birjiwan transported me into a deep relaxation mode that lasted until the next day - magic! My Oura ring detected my body state as “sleeping” during the session, if you needed some additional scientific proof on how effectively brain waves can be manipulated (LINK)

  • Theater Eurotrash by Christian Kracht was put on stage by the team of Berliner Schaubühne and iconic actress Angela Winkler gets to play the mother role in the play (LINK)

  • Venture Capital Verena Pausder gave an insightful, personal and motivating live session on what it means to be a female Business Angel and thankfully there is a recording available on her LinkedIn profile (LINK)

  • App Responsible fashion all in one place: When discovering the SpotiAngels network I came across one of their investments called Renoon which makes it easy to discover, select and screen your favourite green labels (LINK)

  • Apparel & Club 1 Speaking of sustainable brands, there is a new sneaker in town. Super biodegradable and as chic as the designs you were used to, Zero Running Club is about to conquer the global sportswear market (LINK)

  • Workshop & Club 2 How to start your investment in Real Estate? Anaïs Cosneau and Maya Miteva have come up with an easy to digest (11 sessions á 39 Mins) online course on their Happy Immo Club universe (LINK)

  • Holistic Performance Tracking End of the year is mostly the time to reflect on milestones. Companies pride themselves with growth and revenue but I still cant believe they don’t want to track themselves on how they improve to be a more equal, healthier and diverse place to work. Loved to see the R/GA Index for pushing things forward in a bold and transparent way (LINK)

  • Xmas Season I After the virtual “Make Your Own Adventskranz” session with The Plant Box this week I can highly recommend getting your own, it was fun to get crafty and you probably observe your final result with a slight feeling of pride. Make sure to order until Saturday to receive the package in time and apply the code ADVENTVERPENNT for a 15% discount (LINK)

  • Xmas Season II Berlin Boss Babes is hosting a digital Adventskalender this year and I was asked to take part and share some helpful tools for busy career women, so make sure to check out their 24 doors of mentionable female projects on their IG account (LINK)


  • Nov 25th to Dec 26th // Cinema Berlin airport Tempelhof will be turned into a movie theater! They focus on classics and and every week follows a different theme, i.e. “First Love First” or “Live On Earth And Elsewhere” (LINK)

  • Monday, Dec 13th to Monday Dec 20th // Workshop Mirco Gluch, one of the first Zalando employees, has built a tremendous Social Media expertise over the last decade and has worked with leading B2C lifestyle brands such as Trade republic, N26, tinder and food spring. He now offers a bootcamp on Social Media trends & your personal action plan for 2022 (LINK)

  • Saturday, Nov 27th to Sunday, Nov 28th // Online Sessions Kind Club is hosting a 2-day community festival with 15 classes by amazing health and holistic teachers like Chloé de Ruffray from The Meditation Club or Christina Danetzky from Match Mornings (LINK Organizers, LINK Tickets)


JOBS (all f/m/d and in Berlin or remote, if not stated otherwise)

  • Video Editor, full-time // The Civil Liberties Union for Europe, a Berlin-based international human rights organization. Tasks: Scripting, footage sourcing, and editing info/educational videos for Liberties’ channels, including different aspect ratios and lengths to fit channel requirements. Contact Valentin Toth (LINK)

  • Senior Digital Marketing Manager:in, Vollzeit // Dayone, ein Studio für Service- und digitales Produktdesign. Tasks: u.a. Entwicklung Online Marketing Strategie und dazugehörige Maßnahmen inkl Verantwortung der Website. Plus: Du hast ein ausgeprägtes Interesse für nutzerzentriertes Design, insbesondere in den Bereichen Strategic Design und Product Design (UX/UI). Kontaktiere Julia Fricke (best colleague in the world 💕) (LINK)

  • Social Media Manager, full-time // heyfina, inclusive and educational investment management & planning app. Tasks: build an engaged and loyal community through great content, increase app downloads through innovative usage of social media marketing. Contact Tim Oliver Pietsch (LINK)

  • Head of Marketing - Recorded Music, full-time // Endel, a service that creates AI-based soundscapes to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost productivity. Tasks: For their new division of music production & artist cooperations, you will lead marketing campaigns as well as audience growth across streaming services (LINK)


Shortly after I reached out to the team of Eat Cravers, my door bell rang. Ozan Akkoyun, creator of the product and Co-Founder of the agency Paleworks introduced himself and shared the whole story behind his hazelnut spreads. Where they source their hazelnuts in Istanbul, how the first weeks have been, how glad they are to be stocked at LA based eco supermarket Erewhon.

So in a more official way, here is their short introduction bio:

We are a team of health-freak, ingredient-conscious, and quality-driven nut lovers. Our backgrounds vary from design to engineering, food manufacturing to tech, and investing. (…) Our current objective is to offer the purest form of pleasure: 100% delicious, super nutritious hazelnut butter that will brighten your every single day.

It is indeed so delicious, I can’t go a day without it. Almost tastes like Nutella but is nasty ingredient free, supports a mindful approach towards food consumption - and looks so chic in my fridge. (LINK to their website, LINK to their IG)

Quick internal note: This was the last XXL newsletter in this form for 2021 - bummer! Will continue to be busy behind the scenes for you and will send a proper last issue for this year over the remaining weeks.